2010.01.11 | 6.50 pm

Remember last year when President Obama promised to close Guantanamo Bay within one year?? Today (January 11th) is the annivarsary of the opening of Gitmo - 8 years ago.? The one year deadline set by President Obama is January 22nd, and it looks like Gitmo is still going strong!?

2010.01.08 | 5.18 pm

Today I finally got around to installing a new version of Drupal here on สล็อตฟรีเครดิต ถอนได้ 2019 www.baylanhafriyat.com.? This new version is a build of Drupal 6.15 from the Advantage Labs Drupal Repository.? This is an awesome build of Drupal, with a lot of built-in modules and features that will make your Drupal life a LOT easier!?

2009.10.12 | 9.41 pm

Last week my friend Pwajdeur was over, and I gave him my copy of Hiren's BootCD.? I did not realize how useful that CD is, so tonight I had to go back online and get the newest version and burn another copy for myself.?

2009.07.05 | 9.40 pm

BeerTools Pro Color Graphic

Spend the day at home, making a batch of American IPA.? I?have been obsessed with American Pale Ales made with Chinook, Cascade and Centennial hops.? The Chinook goes in as the straight bittering hop, and the Cascade/Centennial additions are added continuously at 10 minute intervals.? Today I used more Centennial because I only had a little Cascade left.?

Check out the comparison to the BJCP?Style, the hop IBU's topped the charts!? Yeah, can you say hoppy?

2009.06.30 | 5.54 pm

It took 8 months, but we have a result.?

Hooray for Minnesota!


Even better news, Gov Pawlenty agrees!

2009.06.29 | 8.11 pm

Friday night was a big hit!? We broke 4 beer glasses - at least, and finished off one 5 gallon keg of Brownie Brown Ale.? There are just a few glasses of the Spring Pale Ale, and about a half gallon of Saison remains.? That means we drank about 6 cases of beer here on Friday.?

Here's a photo of me and Chandra and the birthday sheet of bars.? I don't know what kind of bars, I did not get in line in time!?

Thanks to everyone who came by and made this such a great night.

Happy birthday to me!


2009.06.05 | 8.21 pm

BeerTools Pro Color Graphic

This is the third beer in the Summer of the Single American 1056 yeast pack.? I?racked this beer over the yeast cake from the Spring APA.?