Beer Brewing

Big Brew Saison


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For this year's Big Brew, Chip Wlaton and I collaborated on a Saison.? We added some stuff to personalize this beer, and the results were amazing!?


Watch out for this yeast, it's super stubborn!? I?had mine on a heating pad on low for 8 weeks to keep the temperature at 85 degrees.? It was worth it, this came out very dry - tangy and citrusy!? Yummy!

Maple Cream Ale


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Here's the big idea - tap the neighbor's massive maple tree and harvest the sap.? Then use the sap INSTEAD of water to make beer.? The beer needs to be a slight thing to get some of the maple character to come through.? Soooo how about a cream ale?? I used Pearle hops and an all-grain recipe with all malt rather than using corn or rice adjuncts.?

When you make beer with maple sap, you don't get pancake maple syrup, instead you get a slightly woody spicy character.? So this beer was a success and failure.? We did get some extra alcohol from the maple sap, but the taste was not what people expected.?


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