The new SSD and Disk Space Blues


Agility SSD 128GBA month ago I finished a big project, and rewarded myself with a new SSD for my aging laptop. ?It's a little?extravagant, but I get to humor myself that way. ?Imagine the over-kill of a 6gb transfer speed idled down to a 1.5gb controller. ?Fear not, this drive will me moving to the next laptop too! ?

So what now. ?Of course one thing I am looking for is running Windows XP in VirtualBox, with a couple of images - one for IE8 and one with IE9. ?You?just?need these to do real testing, the alternatives just aren't it. ?

I started with a 125gb drive, which is actually 116gb of workable space after it created a clone partition on install. ?(not my fault, I really should reclaim that space - but that's another story) ?So two virtual machine installs each are taking about 25gb and 14gb each. ?I tried to squeeze them down a bit, but could not get them to shrink down. ?

That means stupid windows testing environments are 39 gb. ?While the whole Ubuntu operating system is 6gb. ?

The SSD really loved Ubuntu, the whole thing loads up in about 12 seconds! ?

Even though the boot disk is only 128gb, I actually gained that much space because I replaced the cd caddy with a sata drive caddy. ?I'm not carrying two drives, the 128gb ssd, and the original 500gb hdd. ?

Who says you can't take it with you?